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Tickets Almost Sold Out and Entries Flying in!


Throughout the early planning of the 2015 International Opal Jewellery Design Awards Association, Opal Trade Show and Awards Presentation Dinner, it took little time to realise that this event would capture the interest and involvement of targeted sectors which opened the imaginative and creative forces of  avid opal enthusiasts who it seemed were destined to play a role in showcasing Australia’s National Gemstone, Lightning Ridge and Walgett Shire to the World in 2015.

We are delighted with the number of international entries that have been logged to date.

Designer Jewellers will be showcasing an imaginative array in our Fantasy Category making it a definite wow category.

Three gentlemen in 2013 put forward the suggestion of a Designer Wear Jewellery for Males Category, which in this year’s competition fortifies their belief that this sector had not only  been overlooked by the IOJDAA but  the broader market.

Male models will showcase these pieces which make a definite statement that opal jewellery for males goes beyond the tie pin and cuffs concept.

Our themed catwalk parade, ’Opal for all Occasions’, featuring local models frocked by Lightning Ridge designer, Julie Shaw will showcase entry pieces from the various award categories.

And there’s MUCH,MUCH, MORE!


We ask that everyone who has reserved seating makes payment for same prior to the event.

Payment can be made at the Opal Room, Lightning Ridge District Bowling Club, and Monday to Saturday 9a.m. -4p.m.

Direct deposits can be made to the IOJDAA account. Ring for details.

Ticket sales are nearing capacity. If you haven’t booked, ring or call in person and you MAY be one of the lucky last to secure tickets.

Phone: 0428292118; 68294488; 68290203; Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it