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Orientation Day Hosted by Taiwan Jewellery Arts Institute


Taiwan Jewellery Arts Institute hosted an Orientation Day, Saturday June 6th, for the 2015 International Opal Jewellery Design Awards Competition.

Convener of the Orientation Day, Mr Chun-Hsiung Lu, guided more than fifty designers through the competition requirements.

Designers from the Taiwan Jewellery Arts Institute have submitted entries in three consecutive International Opal Jewellery Awards Competitions.

In 2013 their exceptional efforts were rewarded when the judging panel selected ‘The Southern Cross’, sketched by designer, Chen, I-Ting, as overall winner from an extensive selection of National and International Opal Jewellery Designer entries.

As an International Competition winner the design was invited to participate in the Hong Kong International Jewellery Design Excellence Awards.

Recognition of Chen, I-Ting’s achievements was also featured in Jewellery World Taiwan.

Mr. Chen-Hsiung, Lu publicizes both opal and the IOJDAA Competition and considers it an honor for the Taiwan Jewellery Arts Institute to participate in the 2015 Lightning Ridge, end of July event.

‘I am willing to lead my students to attend the Awards ceremony’, he said.

The IOJDAA Presentation Dinner, Friday July 31st will be a celebration of opal and what it means to every sector of the industry and community of Lightning Ridge.


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