On behalf of the International Opal Jewellery Design Awards Association I wish to
express our sincere thanks to the multitude of people who have contributed to the
amazing success of the 2017 IOJDA. Below is a link to a document that expresses our gratitude to these people.

pdf 2017 Letter of Appreciation 60.47 Kb




Winners of 2017 International Opal Jewellery Design

Winners and Highly Commended entrants of 2017 International Opal Jewellery Design Awards are now finalised. You can download the 2017 International Opal Jewellery Design Awards Winners List here.

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Coming Up:

2018 International Opal Jewellery Design Awards


Wednesday July 25th to Saturday July 28th, 10am - 5pm.

Legends Room (Upstairs) Lightning Ridge Bowling Club


$2000 Christine Roussel Award for best carving

In honour of the late Christine Roussel’s inspiring contribution to the opal industry and the craft of opal carving, the $2000 cash award known as the ‘Christine Roussel Award’ will be an ongoing incentive in the 2015 and successive IOJDAA competitions.






The Christine Roussel Award will be nominated by the IOJDAA judges. The award will be for the best overall carved piece which can be figurative, abstract, a loose carving or one set in jewellery. The only criteria is that the opal must have an undulated surface. Read more

Unique handcrafted opal jewellery

The International Opal Jewellery Design Awards  has become a prestigious event that attracts jewellery designers from both Australia and overseas.

Entered into the Awards are striking pieces of unique handcrafted jewellery using freeform and or undulating opal.

The Awards are biannual however they are held at the same time as the annual Opal and Gem Festival in Lightning Ridge.


Using Freeform and or Undulating Opal

Initially, the Awards were established to find innovative ways to design pieces of jewellery that conserved opal and moved away from traditional oval shaped pieces.

This very practical concern has inspired:
•    stunning jewellery pieces using freeform and or undulating opal
•    and an emerging carving movement.


Opportunity to aquire low-grade opal for the Non-Professional contestants for designing jewellery has been made possible by the LRTA. pdf Download the newsletter here...  34.32 Kb