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2019 Jewellery Competition

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The International Opal Jewellery Design Awards Association (IOJDAA) is a non profit organisation founded in 2000.

To showcase the stunning and innovative use of opal by jewellery designers around the world, the International Opal Jewellery Design Awards were launched back in 2001. The awards are biannual but they are held as part of the annual Lightning Ridge Opal Festival which has become a highly recognised international gem and jewelery show.

Our Charter

• to promote opal at a national and international level

• to promote methods of opal cutting that conserve opal and add value to the opal industry

• increase market demand for freeform and or undulating opal and

• to encourage jewellery designers to use freeform and or undulating opal in individual pieces of jewellery.

IOJDAA Committee


Kavitha Barron

Vice President:

Franka Friedrichs-Borkovic


Sara Smith


Regan Bevan


Brooke Chapman-Gray

Maxine O'Brien

Michelle Pymble


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